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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical and sustainable eco-tourism project located approximately 60km from the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Founded in July 2014, it is a joint initiative between members of the Karen hill-tribes and Chiang Mai locals who were concerned about the welfare of elephants in Thailand. Currently comprised of 5 spacious locations (Mountain Village, Tranquil Valley, Paddy Field, Hilltop Paradise, & Waterfall Grove Sanctuaries), Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is home to over thirty formerly mistreated elephants, who are now free to enjoy their lives.

OUR MISSION is to provide as many elephants as possible with the good health, freedom, and happiness they truly deserve. We use our progressive and ethically responsible approach to elephant eco-tourism as a platform to raise awareness and educate people from Thailand and around the world about elephant care and the plight of the Asian elephant.

OUR HOPE is to lead by example, and contribute to a positive change in the perception of elephants; to witness a future where elephants are not ridden, poached, overworked, or abused, and are instead treated with care, love, and respect. The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary project also provides many Karen people with employment, education, and financial support.

Baan Chaang

Welcome to Baanchang Elephant Park

Baanchang Elephant Park is dedicated to providing elephants with the highest quality-of-life possible. We are AGAINST the practice of separating baby elephants from their mother. However, it is our policy to accept and provide care for orphaned baby elephants. Sadly, babies are often orphaned as the cruel result of commercial exploitation (such as a practice known as "elephant begging") and mistreatment. Fortunately, at present, all of the babies in our park have NOT been separated from their mother.

The location of our park was chosen to provide a natural habitat. We are also AGAINST the practice of elephant painting and the training of elephants to dance and to sit or stand on two legs. We consider these practices unnatural and abusive. Our goal is to teach visitors about the importance elephant preservation and proper eating, sleeping, bathing, and exercising methods. One method of providing exercise for our elephants and a learning experience for our visitors is to allow visitors, to a limited extent, to ride elephants "bareback." As you can imagine, caring for exploited and abused elephants is a continuous, difficult, and costly process. We need and encourage volunteerism and contributions.

To date, Baanchang Elephant Park has provided a home and a purpose for domesticated elephant with the generous support of visitors who take advantage of the once-in-a lifetime opportunity for an elephant Training. Because of our continued success, concerned people all over the world care about the future of Thailand’s elephants. It is our ongoing goal makes sure that future is a bright one.

We appreciate feedback from persons who have visited our park. Feedback allows us to educate persons who are seeking to learn about elephant care and respond to issues that are important to our visitors. We encourage visitors to spend as much time at the park as possible. This allows the visitor to see the complexities of caring for elephants and to learn acceptable methods of treatment. Constructive feedback also allows us to re-evaluate and improve our treatment methods. Improving the quality-of-life for elephants is a continuous and ongoing process.

We are a non-profit organization, meaning we are funded exclusively by visitors and donations and every cent we receive goes towards making our elephants lives as pleasant as possible and, of course, retiring and rescue new elephants.


Our camp is getting a really good reputation among locals and tourists for the contribution that gives for saving these incredible animals. People visit this park on a daily basis to interact, feed and bathing the elephants bringing to them peace and joy after a long suffering past. We are trying our best to teach tourists about the past and the tremendous life the elephants had been passed through. Tourists just want to take a picture with them but they don’t have a clue about what’s behind. Still many people are abusing elephants only for a lucrative business!

Here at Ran-Tong camp WE DON’T use heavy chains, hooks or sticks utilized for beating the elephants only for the joy of the tourists, WE DON’T use elephants for tricks such as painting, dancing or other unnatural positions and WE DON’T separate the elephant babies from their mother. We are adopting a friendly method that no other camps are using. At Ran-Tong camp we are really trying to ensure a better quality of life for the elephants in their natural environment, providing the right amount of food, water and not long hours of hard job. Taking care of them is a really costly and strenuous process and we need all the help we can get.

Hug Elephants

Hug Elephant was founded in September 2015 by Mr. Sawat Pansiri, Miss Nattarika Toonkeaw and Miss Nisachon Jaipang. The founders have acknowledged the importance of the Thai elephants and realized that the number of the elephants in Thailand has been decreased rapidly. The founders have worked in tourism industry for 25 years, recognizing the changes in the industry both loss and the opportunity in the same time.

Hug Elephant have discussed to the elephant care takers who are Karen. They are interested in bringing their elephants to join in this project because this project focuses in the elephants’ quality of life rather than the commercial. The income from the visitors and participants is divided into 2 parts, 50% is for elephants’ food and care takers and another 50% is for the management which are lunch, transportation, maintenance, and salary for the employees. There are 6 elephants but sometimes the visitors will meet only 2-4 elephants, depending on the readiness of the elephants. We allow only 1-2 groups to visit the sanctuary per day with 12 people as a maximum. The visitors can enjoy seeing the elephants’ behave and playing with them closely. There is no elephant show and elephant riding because we do not use the hook with them. However, the elephant care takers will carry hook for self-defense in case of elephant’s attack to the visitors because no one can stop the elephant even the elephant. Hug Elephant use a small chain when the care takers are away to limit territory of each elephant not to enter to agriculture area of the local.

In addition, Hug Elephant pay attention to the elephants’ health and the quality of life. We provide enough food for them each day by planting the hay and buying the agricultural products from the nearby communities. We use many kinds of herbs as a medicine for the elephants and we also have veterinarians to look after them.

Elephant Carer Home

Elephant carer home is based in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand. Our family has cared for elephants for many generations, always treating them like one of us. We organize day trips to see what it takes to care for these beautiful animals and get an insight into their lives here.

Current people are interested in technology or business and they do not look over surrounding maybe because globalize. I’m going to talk about the story that happened between human and animal. It’s like you pet a dog at home but it’s bigger. It’s the elephant. Most people think that the elephant is not interesting but it’s very interesting for me.

The elephant is like a member of my family. We live together since the past until now. For me, as a modern administrator who look after elephant. Some things may have changed from the original but it change for better. The people know that the elephant is the symbol national of Thailand since ancient times. The king used the elephant as a vehicle to travel and also use it in the war.

Elephants have been revered in Thailand for many centuries. Famous as the strongest beasts of burden, in Thailand they were important in battle, with kings mounted on Elephants fighting the Burmese to defend Thailand on many occasions. There are not any machines in the past that is strong and violent. At the moment, the elephant is very important variable in battlefield. They also help people do other work such as build a house or drag timber. I think it is fantastic history between elephant and people.

The elephant is amazing animal. They quickly learn and obey the words of command. They get to know their driver (mahout), and get used to being mounted and dismounted. When I stay alone, it can be friend. I have seen elephant sine I was born. My father told me that He would ride elephant to take a bath every morning with me. (He always give me a lot of work ha ha ha ) I have been being a mahout since that time. I look after elephant instead my father and spend all of my time with them to learn their habit. I took many lesson and practice hardly in order to teach another people who interested lifestyle of mahout. This is our elephant culture. There are so many activities a day and so many things that you never know before. If you are a person who interested in elephant or mahout lifestyle please, come to visit and come to be our family with concept “ELEPHANT CARER HOME” together.

B.M.P Farm House

Elephant Rescue Park

The elephants of Thailand have been traditionally used to help humans for many generations. Much of the traditional work that they have done throughout history, and continue to do is extremely hard labor, and requires them to live under tough conditions which are often cruel and unethical. We have established the Elephant Rescue Park to serve as a sanctuary for homeless and abused elephants, many of whom come from the bigger cities of Thailand, where they are exploited by humans and often forced to beg for money. Our primary objective is to provide a safe, loving and secure environment for these magnificent animals, which we are able to do with your help, through visiting our beautiful sanctuary and supporting us through adoptions, donations and various fundraising projects.

At the Elephant Rescue Park, you have the opportunity to :

  • Have one-on-one interaction with our beautiful, rescued elephants.
  • To meet our mahouts, the most important human and guardian in each elephant’s life.
  • To play, bathe, walk in the hills, swim with and feed our lovely elephants, depending on your choice of activity.
  • To have the opportunity to learn more about these highly sensitive, emotional animals.
  • Enjoy a freshly prepared, homemade Thai lunch as part of your day with us.
  • Dumbo Elephant Spa

    Bringing elephants where they belong!!!

    Over the years elephants were one of the most exploited animal in our region. Our mission is bring.

    Elephant Discovery Chiang Mai

    Real rain forest, Nature Habitat!!!!

    The first time I discovered Elephants, I looked into their eyes, I touched their skin, and I felt their breath. No longer a dream, they are real to me. Elephants communicate by touch, sight, smell and sound; elephants use infrasound and seismic communication over long distances. Elephants possess intelligence that has been compared with that of primates and cetaceans. They demonstrate self-awareness and show empathy for the dying or dead of their kind.

    The mainly point the Karen people want to bring back the elephants to their home, also elephants will be more comfortable to stay at the Village more than stay at the Camp. Every Day the elephants will work 4 hours a day and after we will let them to the rain forest until morning to find the food and get back to the nature. (They know the plants and herbs to make them have a healthy food).

    Also development to the village and all public utilities…Etc.!!!!!

    Elephant Nature Park

    Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens of distressed elephants from all over Thailand.

    Our duty of care is to all those under the protection of our umbrella. This includes our staff and guests. We host Elephants, cats, dogs, buffaloes and many other rescued species. We owe them all a duty of care and will do our best to provide the best environment possible. We deeply value the contribution made by all which helps us achieve our goals of providing a sanctuary for those who cannot speak for themselves.

    Elephant Nature Park Mission Statement

  • Sanctuary for endangered species: We provide homes for these animals as well as contributing to their welfare and development.
  • Rain Forest Restoration: One of the most exciting developments at the park is our programmer of tree planting the surrounding area. The ecological balance of plants and animals will be encouraged by the re-introduction of the rain forest. Some 25 acres of the mountainside will be planted every year for the first 5 years.
  • Cultural Preservation: To maintain, as much as possible, the cultural integrity of the local community. By creating employment and purchasing agricultural products locally we are assisting the villagers in sustaining their distinct culture. Park managers are recruited locally to oversee the park’s progress.
  • Visitors Education: To educate visitors, individuals, study groups, schools and interested parties. Emphasis on the plight of the endangered local species will be presented in an entertaining and constructive manner. Future phases will include audio / visual equipment and other modern educational aids. It is anticipated that small conferences and workshops will be organized at the park.
  • Act independently: of pressure groups and political movements that we consider contrary to the wellbeing of the park and the creatures in its care.
  • Panda Tour

    Most call me Noi although it's not my Thai name! Many years ago when I was a tour guide I was saddened to see what cruelty was done to the majestic Thai elephant, so I decided that someday I will have my own elephants, my style! I got a bank loan to rent 2 elephants to begin my business… That was a long time ago! Today we are proud owners of 12 happy elephants we are still growing. Guests who visit us are amazed by the way we treat our elephants. We employ some of the best mahouts in the industry who all deeply care about the elephants.

    Panda Elephant Camp Is a happy place to spend your holiday, be it riding elephants, our mahout training program or even by adopting an elephant. My dream has come true as seen in the happy faces of our staff, animals and most importantly our guests. Our guest book says most, if not all want to return again. Today my son proudly holds the mahouts stick, maybe like me he too will follow his father!

    One Day Elephant Care + Tiger Kingdom

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