June 2017 Baan Huay tong noi

Donation Place:om koi [ Google Maps ]
Students:50 students
Donation:boots, Clothing, Snacks, Stationeries, Lunch
Participants:13 people

Come and join us to share the joy of giving

- Make your stay a difference to the displaced population of Thailand people ignorede
  becaus they are not in the electoral roll. See the joy in the faces for things we take for
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Pencils etc.,
- Receive blessings and morw in touch with how lucky we are. The trip to them is an
  adventure itself going through mountain tracks to reach them.
- You can help too in ways other than donation.
- Be involved in organizing the trip.
- Participate at the site by handing to them the gift and witness the joy in their faces.
- Packing and loading the clothing ,books etc donated to them and more...
- Come and Let us show you the many ways you can contribute.
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